What is Inspected by the Wake Forest Home Inspector

STRUCTURAL A full visual inspection of the complete dwelling, attics, and crawl spaces or basements. This also includes any attached garages.  All findings are reported.

DRAINAGE AND GRADING We evaluate the slope of the grounds to determine if the slope of the grade is adequately draining water away from the house.  The inspector will also examine the discharge points of the rain gutter down spouts to see if this water is properly managed.  All findings are reported.

ROOF We idenitify the type of roof and the present condition; all findings are reported.  We note flashing condition and any areas of concern.  Gutters and downspouts are observed and inoperable or poor conditions are noted.

FOUNDATIONS, BASEMENT AND CRAWL SPACES Both on the exterior and the interior of the visible foundation elements are inspected.  We examine for cracks, settlement, deterioration, evidence of water problems, pests, microrganism growth, rodent entry, and the like.  All findings are reported.

EXTERIOR SIDING AND TRIM We identify the type of material used for the siding and trim, inspect for condition, and note findings.

DRIVEWAY AND SIDEWALKS We inspect for drainage condition and note any deterioration.  We report the overall condition, giving special attention to problem areas like encroaching tree roots. Driveways and sidewalks that are severely cracked, damaged and /or lifting can be a tripping hazard and are noted.  All findings are reported.

PATIO AND DECKS All patios and decks are inspected as to condition. Safety items such as stair construction, attachment to the home, structural worthiness, and fall protections are inspected and noted.  All findings are reported.   

ATTIC AND SKYLIGHTS The attic and any skylights will be inspected, with a careful eye toward finding evidence of poor material condition or water penetration. Attics are inspected with safety in mind, and the inspector will not walk on framing members, only on any available service flooring. Some attic conditions may curtail the magnatude of the inspection, at the inspector's discretion.  All findings are reported.

INSULATION AND VENTILATION We inspect the insulation, vapor barriers, and ventilation in all attics and unfinished areas.  If necessary, we will report insufficiencies and recommend supplemental insulation or vapor barriers as needed.  All findings are reported.

FIREPLACE AND CHIMNEYS The fireplace, flue, and chimney are visally inspected, if accessable. All findings are reported.

HEATING SYSTEM / CENTRAL AIR UNITS We operate the heating and/or central air units and evaluate the furnace, duct work and/or any other type of delivery system. We also inspect the room registers, radiators, baseboard elements, and the like. We inspect the overall condition of the systems, and report all findings.

PLUMBING SYSTEM We identify the type of plumbing material, inspect for leaks, corrosion, drainage, water flow, and other concerns.  Every toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink in the house will be tested and inspected, unless it is not accessable, in which case this is noted.  All findings are reported.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM We identify and evaluate the type and size of electrical supply cablings used in the house. We test all accesable outlets and light switches. We report any visually electrical problems and/or safety hazards which are found.

WALLS - FLOORS - CEILINGS Walls, floors, ceilings are inspected and the types of building material used are noted. We inspect and report on the general/overall condition of these areas, and note any findings of concern.  

WINDOWS AND DOORS Windows and doors are inspected for function and condition. Although careful detail is paid to dual pane windows, we can only report visual evidence that may indicate if any of the seals are leaking, such are window fogging between the panes.

BATHROOMS All the fixtures, plumbing, toilets, sinks, showers tubs, shower doors, electrical devices and GFCI locations arfe inspected.  We test the fixtures for adequate water flow.

KITCHEN Every accessable cabinet door, drawer, and counter top is inspected as are the sink and the sink plumbing, all electrical outlets, the walls, the  floor and the ceiling.

APPLIANCES The range/oven/cooktop, dishwasher, and any permanently installed ice maker, microwave, refrigerator, or the like are inspected.