About the Pine Level Home Inspector

Our staff of NC licensed inspectors and NC Licensed associate inspectors are experienced in real estate inspections and in the fields of construction, remodeling, repair, real estate and associated trades. Our residential and commercial credentials are a blend of field experience, licensing, and technical training. We use our expertise to provide a thorough, visual inspection that will enable you to plan your approach to buying, selling, or maintaining your real estate concerns.

Our mission is to provide an objective, honest real estate inspection at a reasonable rate. We provide supplemental tests and services to help you assess your specific real estate concerns. Our business is observing and inspecting properties to assist you in maximizing your real estate investment, while providing peace of mind.

About the Pine Level Home Inspector

We are NC Licensed Home Inspectors and associates under supervision of an inspector only!

Accept No substitute! An inspection performed by an associate with no on-site supervision is not a good, complete inspection. You should get what you pay for!

We have a licensed real estate broker on staff, if time is of the essence in a real estate transaction, we can use the MLS entry system and access the property, even if your agent has scheduling challenges!

We are InterNACHI Certified!


The founder of the company is a licensed NC Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor, and an experienced remodeling, restoration, and home construction contractor.

Our associates are NC Licensed Home Inspectors and/or Associate Inspectors.

Each was recruited for his or her talent and experience "in the field." Our inspectors are not simply book-trained technicians who have never actually been involved in home maintenance.

We have on our staff members who have contributed greatly to our experience and talent pool: An active real estate broker, former project managers, construction product retailers, tradesmen and carpenters, a qualified general contractor, and small business owners.

Most importantly, each employee is himself or herself a real estate owner, and has thus been in the place of each of our clients.


We understand exactly what we are being compensated to provide; we also understand the pressure and anxiety involved in a real estate transaction. We aim to provide a reasonable, legitimate inspection report and accurate tests results; without providing guesses, forecasts, or irrelevant opinions.

We are at your disposal and our goal is to do what is honest and accurate!

We will tell you the honest truth, and we will do it with tack, taste, and supporting facts and experience. Our objective opinion is often more accurate and complete than that of a real estate agent, a potential buyer, a salesman selling filtration wares, a contractor proposing to do repairs, etc.

Our opinion IS our revenue; it is not driven by extraordinary claims, observations, or claims to generate further business.