Exceptional Home Inspection in Wilson, NC, Awaits You

Ferguson and Company brings unparalleled home inspection services to Wilson, NC, ensuring your venture into property ownership is secure and informed. Our team of adept home inspectors specializes in providing thorough evaluations of both residential and commercial properties. We meticulously identify hidden structural issues, mold hazards, and radon risks, assuring the safety and value of your property.


Our team’s expertise is diverse, covering residential and commercial construction, general contracting, and remodeling. This array of skills enables us to conduct real estate inspections that are both thorough and insightful, making us a preferred choice in Wilson.


We at Ferguson and Company understand the necessity of detailed inspections for making informed property decisions. Our comprehensive home inspection packages are designed to scrutinize every aspect of your property. Certified inspectors from our team provide detailed reports, aiding you in understanding every facet of your potential investment. We also offer a broad spectrum of services in residential and commercial remodeling, renovation, and general contracting, catering to all your property development needs.


Ferguson and Company excels in providing top-tier general contracting services. We adeptly manage a range of projects, from residential new construction and remodeling to large-scale commercial and industrial renovation works. Our commitment to quality and professionalism ensures your construction and renovation projects are executed flawlessly.

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Address Problems With Professional Home Inspection and Construction Team

Embark on your property journey in Wilson, NC, with the expertise of Ferguson and Company. We offer a tailored selection of inspection, remodeling, and contracting services. To schedule a home inspection or to discuss our extensive remodeling and contracting options, contact us or utilize our online form. Rely on Ferguson and Company as your trusted partner in protecting and enhancing your property’s value and potential.

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