Ferguson and Company, LLC

About the Pine Level Home Inspector

Our staff of NC licensed inspectors, professional contractors, and vetted contractors we have vendorized are working together seamlessly to provide or clients in Eastern North Carolina with Property Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Home Inspections, Environmental Testing, Mold Consulting, Project Management, 203(k) Consulting, FHA Minimum Property Standards Reports, Risk Management Consulting, repairs, project ideas, and other services.  All of our staff is highly experienced in the fields of inspections, construction, remodeling, repair, real estate and associated trades like pest control or mold abatement.  Each is licensed and insured as is needed for the trade he or she provides our clients.  Our residential and commercial credentials are a blend of field experience, licensing, and technical training which are second to none in the area and in this industry.

Our standard is this: do it right, or do not do it at all.  We use our expertise to provide a thorough, visual inspection when needed and a professional, fact driven approach.  Anyone we contract, recommend, or refer to you is a professional in their field which we have vetted and believe is the best in the area.  We are not sales driven; we are customer support driven.  Ferguson and Company, LLC is in this industry to provide great service at the reasonable prices.  We will help you and work with your company, family, or Real Estate Team to plan your approach to buying, selling, or maintaining your real estate to YOUR benefit, not ours.

Our mission is to provide an objective, honest real estate inspection and/or other supplemental tests and services we provide as conveniently and affordably as is possible.  Our help will provide you information and guidance that helps you assess your specific real estate concerns. Our very business is the observing and inspecting of properties to assist you in maximizing your real estate investment, while providing peace of mind and unparalleled, expert service.

We are member affiliates of some of the area’s most prominent real estate brokerages and are members of several area MLS systems, so we can typically work with any Realtor involved to access the property conveniently and within your schedule.  After all, time is of the essence in most real estate transactions!  We always either access the area’s MLS entry system when we can and interface with you and your Realtor if that is relevant to plan ahead, schedule things with minimal disruption to the sellers, buyers, or occupants of a property, and to impact your schedule as little as is absolutely necessary to provide the services you desire, even if you, your Realtor, or others involved have unique scheduling challenges!

Our Chief Inspector is certified by InterNACHI®, InspectorNation©, and is a Certified Master InspectorTM (CMI) with over 15 years of licensed home inspection experience, experience training new inspectors, and experience teaching in our industry.  He has a lifetime of industry experience in construction, repairs, and new construction.  He is also a North Carolina Licensed Qualifier for our company, as a General Contracting Company.  
If you need inspections, property advice, or other expertise, Ferguson and Company, LLC is here to help!


Just as our founder is a licensed NC Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor, and has experience in remodeling, restoration, and new property construction, all of our vendors and associates are highly skilled and trained in their field, and they are licensed and insured as needed for their endeavors.

Each was recruited for his or her talent and experience “in the field.” Our associates are not simply book-trained technicians who little background or experience; they are experts; each staff members, associate, or contractor we manage has contributed greatly to our experience and talent pool.  Each is a former Project Management Professional (PMP), a business owner, or a currently-licensed professional in their field.  They all have 10 or more years experience to bolster their knowledge.

Most importantly, each employee is himself or herself a real estate owner, and has thus been in the place of each of our clients, so we are knowledgeable, but empathetic to the pressures you face and the decisions you are making based, in part, on the help we provide.


We understand exactly what we are being compensated to provide; we also understand the pressure and anxiety involved in a real estate transactions and property management or ownership. We provide only reasonable, legitimate observations testing, and reports with accurate tests results and details.  We will never guess, forecast, or provide opinions which are irrelevant or not based in facts.

We are at your disposal, and our goal is to do what is honest and accurate for your benefit.

The truth we provide will be emphasized in writing, and delivered with all the tact, and discretion we can provide.  The recommendations and observations we deliver shall be the honest truth, and backed with supporting facts and our experience. Our objective opinion is often more accurate and complete than that of a real estate agent, a potential buyer, a salesman selling filtration wares or high-tech devices and security, a contractor proposing to do repairs, or others.  The reasonable fees we shall charge are the only gain we shall have in the matter, and no commissions or referrals are swaying our decisions and advice, nor will any such ever be accepted or used to persuade us from giving you TRUTHFUL guidance that is clearly stated; you decide what to do next.  Our opinion IS our revenue; it is not driven by extraordinary claims, observations, or claims to generate further business.

Honesty is good business, and we strive to keep that axiom every day!
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Chris Ferguson

Our founder and owner, Christopher Ferguson, is fully licensed and highly credentialed in the industry.  He is known for his careful observations and attention to detail throughout our state and across the industry. 


  • Some of his most important credentials:
  • NC Licensed Home Inspector
  • NC Licensed General Contractor/Qualifier for our company
  • Certified Master Inspector®
  • IAC2 Certified (Radon)
  • FHA Authorized Fee Inspector
  • HUD Authorized 203(k) Fee Consultant
  • HUD REAC Trained and licensed inspector
  • US Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs Fee Inspector
  • InterNACHI Certified Residential Inspector
  • Co-Founder of the North Carolina Chapter of InterNACHI (NC Internachi) and a permanent Board Member of the society.
  • Move In Certified™ Inspector
  • Member: US Chamber of Commerce
  • OverSeeIt™ Inspector
  • And MORE!