Per NC Executive Order #121: “Stay at Home Order” and per NC Administrative Code, US Government Requirements, NC Department of Health, and NC Department of Labor requirements:

Construction and Real Estate, and associated trades are considered essential infrastructure.  All essential infrastructure departments, workers, and companies must establish safe working procedures and observe them strictly, to avoid spreading the COVID-19 pandemic.  The general protocols are established by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), and our company "Safety and Compliance Policy" is established as follows:

- All construction contractors at any ongoing construction project MUST observe our protocol, at their own expense, during the inspection or not be present.

- All construction contractors shall inform the resident family of any inspection of the appointment date and time, the reason for the inspection, and must arrange a means for the property to be unlocked and accessible, including leaving a key, leaving a code, leaving a door unlocked, etc.

- The Inspector shall visit the property, as arranged, and shall wear appropriate PPE including: mask, a covering over all hair including facial hair, eye protection, gloves, clean outer covering or garments, and foot coverings or clean shoes established as for inside use only.

- Every effort to avoid contact with others will be observed, especially the residents inside the home, and anyone who is infirmed.

- The management and current residents MAY refuse entry at their discretion.  If this occurs, document it and politely, leave, inform management and the client. 

  Report what can be observed from the exterior, and write the report, documenting the limitation of the inspection as beyond the inspector's control.

- Unnecessary conversation or interaction with others on site shall be limited and curtailed, to avoid prolonged exposure and disturbance of the property and its residents and other workers.

- Teleconferencing, or electronic communications are to be used whenever possible to discuss project details.

- All correspondence shall be "no contact" interaction at a six foot (6') distance from all others on the property.

- Any deviation from this procedure shall invoke an immediate ending of the inspection, exiting the property, and clearing the area.

- Unless a corporate billing system is already established, all on-site payments must be in the form of cash, money order, or a prepaid credit card payment.  (This is to help avoid banking trips to a very congested drive-through only banking system, and last minute cancellations.)

- Realtors, clients, and others are encouraged to attend inspections appointments only at their own discretion, and to absolutely maintain a six foot social distance from the inspector and any other persons while at the inspection. 

- Discussions of concerns are to be made in the yard or other areas, not inside the structure(s).

- Anyone who is immuno-compromised or showing symptoms of illness shall not attend at all.